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holistic nutrition

Weight Loss

Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss

There are many different methods that a person can use to lose weight. One of the most popular plans for...

What Foods are Acidic

Headaches and Migraines

6 Foods That Trigger Migraines

Everyone knows how important it is to eat a well-rounded meal. A healthy meal plan can ensure that your body...

Pain Relief

Weight Loss

5 Herbs to Boost Metabolism and Lose Weight

Everyone is looking for that magical pill to help them lose weight. Even though no such pill exists, there are...

Eczema and Food Allergy Connection

Food Sensitivity

ALCAT Food Sensitivity Test

What Is The ALCAT Test? ALCAT food sensitivity testing is a very popular test used for identifying food sensitivity, and...

Diabetes and Skin Problems


Diabetes and Skin Problems

Approximately 10 percent of the American population has been diagnosed with diabetes. It is estimated that more than 7 million...

5 Common Types of Inflammation

Pain & Inflammation

5 Common Types of Inflammation

When most people hear the term inflammation, they immediately think of arthritis or an injury; however, did you know that...

6 Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

Mental Health

6 Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

More than 18 percent (40 million) American adults have an anxiety disorder. An anxiety disorder means a person experiences extreme...

Toxicity Questionnaire

Children's Health

Toxicity Questionnaire

Homeopathic Upper Respiratory Flu Remedy


Upper Respiratory Homeopathic Flu Remedy

Homeoprophylaxis is not intended to prevent “illness” in the same way as vaccines. Its goal is to exercise the immune...

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