"The foundation of all happiness begins with good health."

Combining a science based functional medicine approach with lifestyle education and technology, we work in partnership with you on your journey to optimal health. We believe that the body has the innate ability to heal itself, when we start to listen. Make Rose Wellness your partner in health.

New Patients

Functional Medicine Oakton VA

Schedule your new patient appointment to meet with Dr. Hirani and our Health Coach to experience the benefits of functional medicine.

  • 75 minute New Patient Visit *
  • Functional Medicine Assessment
  • Health Coach Visit
  • Personalized Care Plan

  • *New Patient Visit amount can be applied to one of the subscription plans below.

Subscription Plans

* Physician and Health Coaching visits could be in office or virtual. Additional visits, services and diagnostics available at office rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Subscription Service Questions

1Why is the doctor converting to a subscription model?
We explore the root causes of your health issues and empower you to regain control of your health and live your life to its fullest vitality. Our goal is to provide personalized care with longer appointments, increased access, and more comprehensive and integrative care. To give you the support you deserve, we designed various subscription plans to fit your individual needs. The subscription model enables your doctor to focus on what she does best - direct patient care.
2Why would I choose the Premier Subscription?
I have a complex or multiple chronic health issues that I want to reverse / eliminate by digging deeper with Functional, Nutritional, and Specialized Lab testing. I want my doctor to call upon his or her extensive education, knowledge, and experience to help me with a personalized treatment plan. I also want extra time with my doctor to address my lifestyle and nutrition, bio-hack my body, ensure healthy aging, and/or complete a mind/body/spirit approach to wellness.
3How many patients is my doctor planning to take on with this subscription model?
Dr. Hirani will care for approximately 300 patients enrolled in membership. Your doctor is committed to limiting the total size of her practice, so that patients are able to enjoy the benefits of the subscription. It’ s another reason why you should sign up quickly, as the doctor is accepting subscriptions on a first-come/first serve basis.
4What is covered by secure messaging?
You can directly contact your doctor and her team at Rose Wellness through the patient portal. Every attempt is made to respond via secure messaging within 24-48 business hours. If a question is deemed too complicated for secure messaging, your doctor may request you to schedule a phone conversation or short visit.
5What happens when I need a specialist?
If needed, your doctor will refer you to a specialist and will remain actively involved in your health issue. The doctor can follow up with the specialist, is available to discuss your treatment options, and can coordinate discussions with the specialist, if required. Having your doctor, a trained clinician who knows your entire health situation in detail, at your side as an active advocate can be enormously comforting and helpful to you, as you make important medical decisions.
6Are there rules and restrictions about contacting the doctor?
One of the great benefits of this subscription is that it’s actually much easier to connect with your doctor - especially in the manner that you prefer – in person, by phone, through secure portal messages or even by video in the near future.
7I don’t think I want to join at this time. I need to find another doctor. Can you help me?
Yes, we will provide you with a list of Providers in the area accepting new patients. Alternatively, we would be happy to keep you on as a Rose Wellness patient under the care of Dr. Leon, our functional medicine physician who will continue to provide individual visits or Elizabeth McMillan, our board-certified functional nutritionist. Please contact our office by phone or email so we can discuss your preferred options and support you to smoothly transition your care. If you decide to join us in the future and we happen to be full, you may have to join the waiting list with other prospective patients.
8What happens when my doctor goes on vacation?
Your doctor will have on-call coverage with another Practitioner so that if an urgent need arises, you’ll still get the care you need.
9Can Rose Wellness doctor be my primary care doctor?
No. Each one of our patients are required to maintain a primary care provider outside of Rose Wellness.

Subscription Pricing Questions

1When do I pay the subscription fee?
We offer two payment options: monthly or annually. You will not be charged until your subscription begins. Membership fees are charged on the 15th of each month should you elect to pay monthly.
2What if I decide to cancel the subscription before 12 months?
Functional Medicine is a journey not a sprint and requires commitment to see results. Our functional medicine doctor spends significant amount of time with you starting with the first visit. As the physician is making a time commitment to your health and well-being, we appreciate your commitment too to give it a fair chance for success. We require a minimum of 6 months of commitment. After 6 months, you can cancel anytime with a $300 cancellation fee and a 30 day notice.
3Is subscription tax-deductible?
Please check with your accountant or tax advisor for further clarifications on taxation matters.
4Is testing included in my subscription fee?
The Dutch Lab test and ION tests are included in the Premier Subscription Plan. The Dutch Lab test is included in the comprehensive plan. For all other lab tests, you will be asked to pay for those outside of your membership fee.
5I can’t afford to pay the fee, what should I do?
We offer several different payment options; our Subscription Team can speak with you personally to find a solution that best fits your needs. If you decide not to join the subscription level, you may stay on with Dr. Leon as a "pay as you go" patient. If you don’t need any prescription management, you may choose to continue with our Licensed functional nutritionist. However, if you decide to leave the practice, please contact our office by phone or email so we can recommend other physicians and support you to smoothly transition your care.
6How does the subscription fee work with my HSA/FSA
You should check with your individual provider/ benefits administrator.
7Does Medicare cover this fee?
No, our doctors have opted out of Medicare. Please note that if you are a Medicare beneficiary, you will not be entitled to any reimbursement from Medicare. All costs for services rendered will be your sole responsibility. Prescriptions written and laboratory tests ordered will not be covered by Medicare.
8Will the price change next year?
It’ s unlikely that the annual fee will change over the next two years. The membership fee is designed to be affordable for most people and sustainable for the practice in the long-term.
9Is this a replacement to insurance?
No! This is not a replacement for insurance. The subscription fee was designed to cover the services not typically covered by typical insurance plans. This allows your doctor to support you in creating and maintaining optimal health rather than only treating you when you are sick. You will be provided with a statement describing potentially reimbursable services along with the billing code upon request at the end of each visit. You may submit this statement to your health insurance provider for possible reimbursement.