New Treatments for Fibromyalgia Pain

neck pain northern virginiaby Dr. Vishal Verma, board certified chirpractor

Are you currently suffering with chronic fibromyalgia pain? Have you tried conventional treatments with little to no effect on your symptoms?

Consider a new, more effective treatment for fibromyalgia that is painless and addresses the root cause rather than only the symptoms. If you have tried traditional chiropractic treatment and have found it to be too harsh for you, functional chiropractic with the arthrostim and cold laser therapy may be right for you.

Traditional chiropractic is very effective in correcting restrictions of joints or misalignments of the body but has lesser effect on fibromyalgia. This is mostly due to the painful symptoms associated with fibromyalgia including muscle guarding and nerve irritation. Fibromyalgia is mostly described as an over activation of the nerves along the spine and throughout the body. This tends to cause over-stimulation of the muscles and progressive pain signals of those muscles leading to chronic pain symptoms as the body is unable to down-functional chiropractic care fairfax virginiaregulate or turn off the signals.

Functional chiropractic with the arthrostim sends gentle impulses to the body at specific points that stimulate the body to relax muscles around the joints as well as reduce the nerve signaling. The arthrostim is an adjusting device that is more precise and gentler than the traditional chiropractic adjustment in that the patient simply lies down and receives the treatment without any twisting or popping of the spine. It can be used on any area of the body and does not Cold Laser Therapy Pain Relief Oakton Virginialeave the patient with soreness like traditional adjustments. This step is followed by cold laser therapy which is a painless procedure using an FDA cleared low level laser to stimulate the painful area. This laser stimulation reduces inflammation, reduces trigger points caused by fibromyalgia, reduces nerve pain, and relaxes muscles without any discomfort to the patient. Our specific laser uses different frequencies for different symptoms that can be set by us for your specific case.

Some patients will notice relief as early as the first few visits while others may take a few more sessions depending on how chronic the case is. We always put you through our comprehensive exam to see if the arthrostim and cold laser will be effective for you. Come in for our

free fibromyalgia evaluation

to see if you qualify for care and get started toward pain relief the same day.

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