Customer Centric Care

Our caring staff provides compassionate care in a welcoming environment.

Advanced Testing

We offer a variety of Specialty Testing services including hormone testing, GI/Functional testing, food sensitivity testing, nutritional evaluation testing and genetic testing.

Continuous Collaboration

Convenient collaboration with your healthcare providers via secure messaging through our patient portal. Enjoy longer appointment times where you get to ask questions and be comfortable with your treatment plan.

Nutritional Guidance

Food is essential to your health and well-being; however, figuring out what you should eat can be overwhelming. Our holistic nutritional specialist will guide you to eat for your health, lose weight, feel great and increase your longevity.

Technology Friendly

Enjoy free 24×7 access to your medical records and lab results via our easy-to-use Patient Portal. Try our online appointment scheduling tool and use secure messaging to safely communicate with your practitioners.


Insurance Free Practice

Focused on you, not insurers

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Modern Medicine

Health Care
  • Made for you, with love.
  • Much more than a checkup
  • As a Rose Wellness member you receive full primary care with unprecedented collaboration with your doctor and health team. Together we build a 360º view of your health and create a long-term plan that’s just for you.
  • 50 minute (Average Rose Wellness Visit)
  • 15 minute (Average doctor visit)
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