The chill in the air is telling us FLU SEASON has begun!Homeopathy Flu Prevention fairfax virginiaProtect yourself this winter with Homeoprophylaxis, a homeopathic flu preventative.

Homeoprophylaxis can be administered every year and was created based on the homeopathic principle that “like cures like”. Homeopathic remedies increase individual unspecific resistance to infections, while nosodes (a secretion of the disease diluted and used to fight the disease) increase specific immunity regarding definite etiologic agents.

Instructions for taking the Homeopathic Flu Prevention Remedy

Remedies are very sensitive. It is recommended to not touch the pellets. They should be taken in a “clean” mouth, free of food, drink, tobacco, toothpaste, mouthwash, any substance except water. Do not take remedies within a half hour before or after eating. For Infants, you  may dissolve the pellets in a tablespoon of water.

You take the first round for 3 days in October and repeat in January. Or you can take it in November and repeat it in February. The FLU Prevention is safe for all ages, even infants. The dosage is the same for all ages.

Pour 6 pellets in the cap and toss them onto the tongue. Let them dissolve completely. Do not swallow them.


Day 1:  take 6 pellets of InfluenzinumHomeopathic Remedy Northern Virginia

(This covers all Flus in general)

Day 2:  take 6 pelletes of Bacilinum

(Will take care of any G.I. complications “Stomach Flus”)

Day 3:  take 6 pellets of Aviare

(This covers all the bird flus)


For the 3 days you are taking the remedies:

*Avoid caffeine

*Avoid products with camphor

*Avoid products with menthol and mint

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