What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic MedicineHolistic medicine is an alternative medicine field that focuses on the whole body rather than just the illness itself. This type of non-traditional medicine incorporates hypnotherapy, yoga, guided imagery and meditation to help bring healing and optimal health to its patients. Here we will discuss the key principles of holistic medicine.

Whole Person Healing

One of the main characteristics of holistic medicine is the idea that the body, mind, spirit and emotions work together. Studies have shown that stress can cause a plethora of illnesses. For this reason, holistic health practitioners know that a healthy mind is essential to a person’s well-being. Holistic doctors and practitioners work with all aspects of the person rather than just concentrate on the illness.

The Body’s Innate Ability to Heal Itself

Holistic healthcare practitioners understand that the body has the ability to heal itself. The practitioners work with their patients to obtain optimal health so that should a severe medical condition occur, the body is able to heal itself.

Relationship Between Practitioner and Patient

One of the most important parts of holistic medicine is the relationship that is built between the holistic practitioner and the patient. Both parties work together to improve the health and well-being of the patient. The practitioner listens to what the patient says and seeks to develop a plan that will improve the health of the patient.

Prevent and Treat Illnesses

Holistic medicine seeks to improve health, raise awareness of health conditions and prevent illnesses. This is accomplished by relieving symptoms, enhancing the lifestyle of the patients and modifying action that may be contributing to the healthcare crisis.

Integration of Healing Systems

Lifestyle modifications, complementary medical approaches along with conventional treatments are all a part of the holistic medicine lifestyle. Practitioners and patients work together to find treatments that meet the needs of each patient based on the person’s individuality.

Individuality of the Patient

Each person’s body, spirit, mind and emotions are unique. A holistic health practitioner focuses on the patient’s distinctive nature to help overcome illness and improve overall health. By concentrating on the individuality of each patient, practitioners can customize treatment options.

The Power of Love Heals

With holistic medicine, practitioners endeavor to meet the patient’s expectations with kindness, grace and love. Practitioners understand that love is a powerful healer when dealing with any type of illness.

Teach by Example

Holistic practitioners understand the importance of teaching by example. Not only do practitioners recommend certain methods for their patients, but they also use the methods themselves. This technique helps patients trust their practitioner and heal faster.

Optimal Health Based on Balancing the Patient’s Life

The goal of holistic medicine is optimal health of each patient. This is obtained by balancing the emotional, physical, social, mental, spiritual and environmental aspects of a patient’s life. Guided imagery, meditation and hypnotherapy are used to clear the mind, while yoga and tai chi strengthen the body. Finally, guidance is given to help rid the patient’s environment of clutter and other things that create environmental chaos.

Learning Opportunities

Holistic medicine understands that a person’s life is filled with opportunities to learn and grow. These opportunities include joy, sickness, birthInfinite Healing Words and even death. By teaching the patient how to look at each trial as a learning opportunity, the practitioner is able to help the patient focus on learning opportunities rather than just the emotional aspect of things that happen in their life.


Holistic medicine treats the whole person rather than just treating the symptoms. Holistic practitioners work with their patients to develop plans to help heal the body, mind and soul and promote wellness.


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