Snippets From Our Participation At Grow Your Health Festival 2015

I met Jack Moore, the director of Grow Your Health 2015 at the entrance the morning of  what was to be a spectacular, educational and well organized event for all ages and all those interested in natural and environmental health, sustainability and wellness.

Grow Your Health 2015Setting up the Rose Wellness table was myself and Shawna Snyder, who was also geared up for her talk later than morning, Coping with Childhood Illnesses: A Chinese Food Therapy Perspective.  I stayed to greet visitors at our table, who, right from the start were enthusiastic and hungry for information, like our free seminars and talks.  They were also quite pleased about our convenient location – You mean you’re an Integrative Medical Center in Fairfax next to Vienna? – Oh, yes!  And our email list grew.

The whole place was buzzing with joyful activity, interesting offerings and free events.  Shawna stayed way past her talk to answer questions from the audience because, well, another “isn’t that nice” about this event was that no one was rushed.  People sauntered from one table to the next collecting information (verbal and print) as if picking flowers.  At this point, our email list was well into the second page.

Lunchtime!  Okay, a very late lunch, but that didn’t translate to shorter lunch lines.  The food looked spectacular and smelled amazingly fresh – veggie burgers, hotdogs, gluten-free bread, chocolate brownies, fresh fruit, smoothies, and tacos made from raw vegetables and herbs.  We thoroughly enjoyed our raw veggie tacos and fresh fruit and spice juices.

Something we (as practitioners) love to do is talk about our craft.  That’s why we enjoyed this event so much.  We got to do that and participate in an event that has great promise for the future of our community.  Our gratitude goes out to the organizers and volunteers of Grow Your Health, and we hope to see you next year!

By – Liz Ayala, Energy Health Coach

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