I still remember that photograph. I had been to a week long workshop on acupressure, met a lot of interesting people and delved much deeper Virginia Mitchell Acupuncturist Fairfax Virginiainto the craft I was learning. About a week after I got home, a new friend sent me copies of pictures she had taken of our group. I looked at one picture from our time by the pool and thought, “Damn, I told you, ‘Head and shoulders only!’” But no she had taken a picture that showed my entire body – in a bathing suit no less. As I looked at the picture I thought, “Some thing has got to change.”

I had struggled with my weight since before I was a teenager. Why would it be different this time around? It ended up being different because I approached it differently. I used acupuncture and therapy and journaling to make changes. I began to listen to my body. Was I hungry or was I bored? Was I hungry or did I just feel awkward being in a group where I didn’t know anyone and it was easier to eat? So I was hungry, what was I hungry for? Did I want hot or cold, smooth or crunchy. Was I satisfied? Initially I had no idea what it meant to be satisfied. I simply ate until all the food was gone or I was feeling full.

Acupuncture Northern Virginia 270x300Discovering there could be a difference between full and satisfied opened up all sorts of possibilities. Over the next six moAcupuncture Oakton Northern Virginianths or so I lost 40 pounds and along the way discovered more about myself. It’s been about 15 years since I lost 40 pounds and during that time I have fluctuated about 10 pounds. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Right now I’m up and slowing down. I’m slowing down enough to become conscious again of how I use food, of what it does and does not do for me. And I am using acupuncture to support these changes.

Acupuncture is all about balance and flow. There are points to help regulate the appetite and aid digestion and elimination. There are points that restore awareness and support our ability to change. Its about taking care of yourself and learning what you need.

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by – Virginia Mitchell L.Ac.
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