An Overview of Rose Wellness

Functional Medicine Northern Virginia
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Infrared Sauna

Acupuncture Oakton Virginia


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Customer Centric Care

Our caring staff provides compassionate care in a welcoming environment.
Advanced lab Testing nova

Advanced Testing

We offer a variety of Specialty Testing services including hormone testing, GI/Functional testing, food sensitivity testing, nutritional evaluation testing and genetic testing.

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Continuous Collaboration

Convenient collaboration with your healthcare providers via secure messaging through our patient portal. Enjoy longer appointment times where you get to ask questions and be comfortable with your treatment plan.

Nutritional guidance oakton va

Nutritional Guidance

Food is essential to your health and well-being; however, figuring out what you should eat can be overwhelming. Our holistic nutritional specialist will guide you to eat for your health, lose weight, feel great and increase your longevity.

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Technology Friendly

Enjoy free 24×7 access to your medical records and lab results via our easy-to-use Patient Portal. Try our online appointment scheduling tool and use secure messaging to safely communicate with your practitioners.

Functional Medicine

Personalized Care
  • Integrative medicine by combining the best of conventional medicine and alternative therapies
  • We strive to identify root cases and treat you rather than just your symptoms.
  • Multiple treatment modalities including functional medicine, chiropractic care, holistic nutrition, acupuncture and homeopathy in a warm, welcoming environment.
  • Create personalized treatment plans based on your history as well as diagnostic testing results.
  • Incorporate Nutritional Supplements and lifestyle changes

Our Team

At Rose Wellness Center,

we have an amazing team of skilled, caring, energetic functional medicine practitioners

and a supporting staff that is committed to your well-being. They have many years of experience in holistic and integrative care and a reputation for excellent patient care.

Where Are We Located?

  • Rose Wellness
    2944 Hunter Mill Road, Suite 101, Oakton, VA 22124


  • Going to Rose Wellness Center saved my life! When other doctors told me my illness was age related, and to get used to it, the team at Rose Wellness took me very seriously. I was treated by real doctors , given individual care, and a course of treatments that got me back to real health and wellness without strong medications that mearly treated symptoms. If you go you will find the team there really cares about you! I am in better health, fitness , and weight than I have been since I was nineteen. If you just can’t seem to find answers to your chronic health issues love yourself and get to Rose Wellness Center. I have been a regular patient for over a decade.”
  • anne
    Virginia is very knowledgeable and professional. She tailors each acupuncture session to meet my needs by asking questions about my health. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to try acupuncture.”
    Jen W
  • anne
    Dr. Hirani restored my well being. Her holistic approach to diagnoses and treatment proved effective across a spectrum of issues where other treatments had failed. Dr. Hirani brought me relief from severe fatigue and apathy, alleviated back pain due to spinal stenosis.”
  • anne
    "After 4 months, I have lost almost 50 pounds, 4 dress sizes and I feel amazing. I hate to call this a weight loss plan as what I have discovered is a whole new way of life. The nutrition plan, coupled with the knowledgeable, loving and encouraging accountability of Elizabeth McMillan, has changed my life as well as my thought process not to mention spending habits when grocery shopping. Thank you Elizabeth, you rock!”
    K Bowers

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