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Workshop – Nourish Yourself

Transform Energy-Draining Patterns Around Your Body and Food

4-Week Semi-Private Workshop (Class limit – 6)

Saturdays 2 pm – 4 pm, July 11 – Aug 1

Do you feel stressed around mealtimes and food-centered events? Are you ready to enjoy life with that energy-draining pattern?   Now, you can with simple energy healing tools that will offer lasting positive results.

Discover a systematic tool using the power of energy healing, yoga therapy and other mind-body tools to help you move stress energy out and vitality in.

Join us for an exclusive 4 week workshop where you will:

  • Learn to break away from sabotage and nourish your Self.
  • Experience removing internal barriers and negative self-talk to easily move forward.
  • Learn self-healing techniques to remove limiting beliefs.

You will be guided every step of the way with specific imagery, therapeutic writing, mindful movements and much more.  Move from deprivation to nourishment, contentment and better.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You have a history of binging and chronic dieting.
  • Food and eating take up a large portion of your mental space.
  • You want to have a healthier relationship with food and your body.

Energy-draining patterns distract us from ever finding the right solutions, which is never about the material world.  This can cause years of suffering and disempowerment, which only reinforces the pattern.  In this workshop you will have the tools that effectively work with your energy to remove distractions and allow your body to experience the true meaning of nourishment.

Remove energy-draining food and body image patterns and discover what it means to easily nourish your Self.

Where:        Rose Wellness Center, Oakton, VA

Registration: $189 for all 4 weeks.  $149 if registered by June 27th

Please call us at (571)529-6699 to reserve your spot.



Bring a mat, a dedicated journal (no food logs, please) and wear comfortable clothes for gentle mindful movements.