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Tips To Prevent Tick Bites

Prevent Tick Bites Northern VirginiaPrevent tick bites by taking appropriate precautions. Since approximately half of the ticks in the United States carry some sort of disease, it is imperative that patients protect themselves from being bitten. Here are some tips that can help.

  • If you are going to be in wooded areas, wear long sleeves and pants that are light in color.
  • Tuck your shirt into your pants and your pants into your boots.
  • Walk only in the center of the trail while in the woods.
  • If there are woods surrounding your yard, keep your grass cut short because ticks cannot survive in sunny lawns.
  • Before going into the woods apply a tick repellent to your clothing and exposed skin.
  • After being outdoors, inspect for ticks and take a shower immediately.
  • Finally, wash all clothing in hot water and dry in a hot dryer.

Tick Removal

Tick removal northern virginiaIf you are bitten by a tick, use a pair of tweezers and grasp the tick near its head. Firmly tug on the tick until it releases from your skin. Swab the bite with an antiseptic and apply a thin layer of triple antibiotic ointment. If you begin experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, schedule an appointment to see your physician immediately.

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Treating Tick Illnesses at Rose Wellness Center

Lyme disease is transmitted through tick bites where the tick is infected with a bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi. The infested ticks get the bacterium by biting infected animals such as deer and mice. Most people who get tick bites do not get Lyme disease. Ticks do not cause the disease; however, they carry the pathogens that cause the disease. Ticks can have more than one pathogen in their body; thus, you can have multiple co-infections from tick illness, such as fungal, viral, bacterial and parasitic infections. The risk for contracting Lyme disease increases greatly the longer the tick is attached to the body.

The Lyme doctor at Rose Wellness Center has extensive experience in treating tick illnesses and helping patients deal Lyme disease and its debilitating symptoms. The Lyme specialist develops a personalized treatment plan for each patient based on their specific conditions. The team at Rose Wellness Center in Fairfax Virginia works hard to boost the patient’s immunity to help the body heal faster. We also focus on co-infections, environmental toxins, mold toxins that can weaken the immune system.

If you have had a recent tick bite or are suffering from the symptoms of Lyme disease, please call us at (571)529-6699 to schedule an appointment with our Lyme disease doctor who specializes in treating tick illnesses.  We can help you get back your health and wellness. Please let us know if you are travelling from outside the Washington DC metro area. We will make every effort to accommodate you in our schedule.


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