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Your Office Visits

We strive to provide our patients with a relaxing environment that feels less like a doctor’s office and more like home. We believe that healthcare should be comfortable – not harsh and overwhelming. You will find that our staff is very accommodating to your needs, and our waiting area is soothing and well-furnished.

Your First Appointment

The foundation of our practice is holistic and functional medicine. Many of our methods and techniques may seem simplistic, yet they have been used around the world for health and healing since ancient times.

The first visit is pertinent to our understanding of your overall health. During this appointment, our focus is on gathering information about you, including how you move, what you eat, your environment, your habits, and your emotional and mental well-being.

It is recommended that you complete the initial intake forms prior to your first visit, including information about your personal health history. We encourage you to bring any medical records that you may have to your first visit, such as recent lab tests and radiology reports. We also ask that you bring along the bottles of any nutritional supplements you may be taking so that we can evaluate the ingredients and gain a better understanding of the type of nutrients you are receiving on a regular basis.

Payment and Insurance

We accept most major forms of payments including credit cards, checks,and cash. If you have any questions about our policies and account balances, please contact our helpful staff during office hours.