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Feeling Stressed?

Looking for ways to relax and wind down after a hectic week?

Mind body therapy may have some answers for you.

Mind-Body Therapy

Energy Health CoachingMind-Body therapy is used to describe a practice that aims to restore the balance between the mind, body, and soul. It is believed that when a person is stressed or under a lot of pressure, this can take its toll not just on his mental and emotional health, but also on the body. These therapies have been used for centuries – from Tai Chi and Yoga to Qigong and various types of dances. The mind-body therapies can help you achieve a state of calmness and relaxation, and this will undoubtedly reflect on your overall health.

People have been aware of the connection between the mind and the body for ages. Nowadays, the mind-body therapy is sometimes referred to as “integrative psychotherapy”, given the fact that this approach to healing one’s life incorporates basic principles of both holistic medicine and traditional psychotherapy. This helps ensure a thorough, in-depth healing on all levels - spiritual, mental as well as physical.

Popular Mind-Body Therapies

There are many types of mind-body therapies. The most common ones include Tai Chi, biofeedback, yoga,Relaxation Yoga prayer, meditation, relaxation, cognitive-behavioral therapy (usually used to help patients who are struggling with certain types of addiction), hypnosis, Qigong, as well as patient support groups or guided imagery. These therapies include psychological, spiritual, social, and behavioral approaches for comprehensive all-round treatment.

Meditation and Relaxation – Two Pillars of Mind-Body Therapy

Whenever people think about the connection between mind and body, yoga and meditation are usually the first that come to mind. Yoga, relaxation therapy and meditation help to teach people how to breathe correctly and how to stretch or move in a manner that can relieve stress and pressure that has been accumulating inside their bodies. It is not uncommon for Yoga masters to also use guided imagery or visualization techniques to help people stay focused and determined in the long run.

Relaxation therapy typically focuses on exercises designed to help you breathe properly and to loosen your muscles, both of which can relieve muscle tension, anxiety and stress. These exercises are usually accompanied by serene music that aims to create a calm and peaceful environment, which helps you relax.

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At Rose Wellness Center, we specialize in Energy Health Coaching along with Active Meditation and Relaxation Yoga services.

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