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Our Unique Approach

Our goal is to help you feel better about your life – to work together to make it healthier, more productive, and more fulfilling. Whether you are struggling with fatigue, weight loss, or want to focus on prevention and wellness, our practitioners and staff are committed to working with you to reach your wellness goals.

Integrative Medicine

Women's HealthOur practitioners believe in providing you and integrative wellness approach by combining the best of conventional and alternative medicine techniques. This type of treatment embraces the concept of mind, body, and spirit working together. Integrative medicine may include relaxation techniques, lifestyle changes, and nutritional suggestions. Exercise, relaxation techniques, or acupuncture may also be recommended to eliminate stress to help heal the body naturally.

 Our integrative physicians and other integrative practitioners work on creating a close partnership with you, the patient. They determine the best treatment options to help promote health and well-being. There is an increased focus on preventive medicine in order to help you achieve your optimum health and to maintain a healthy body for life.

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Personal Attention While You Heal

tn_Fotolia_67345272_XS - personal attention1We believe a close professional relationship between you and you healthcare practitioner is an essential component of achieving optimal health and well-being.  Enjoy longer personalized appointments where you get to spend quality time with your integrative care provider.  Feel free to ask any questions and be comfortable with the plan our providers have for you.

Our staff has many years of experience in integrative and holistic care and a reputation for excellent patient service.

Online Access To Health Records

IFIn today’s world, technology has become an essential component of our lives.  All of us are used to accessing our bank records and booking are travel online.  We provide you the same convenience for your personal health records.

We use a state-of-the-art Electronic Medical Records (EMR) program that allows our healthcare providers to treat you more effectively and provide you the best possible care. You have free 24×7 access to your medical records and lab results via the Patient Portal.  You also have the convenience of using our online appointment scheduling tool.

On-Time Appointments

IFWe understand the value of your time and we do respect it.  Our friendly staff and healthcare providers do their level best to provide you on-time  appointments with minimal waiting time.

In order to assist us in this process, we request you complete all necessary forms prior to your scheduled appointment time. Please feel free to call our office or come in 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time for any assistance.


Secure Electronic Communication

IFThe Patient Portal allows you to easily communicate with our staff and healthcare practitioners by sending secure electronic messages.  These secure messages comply with the Health Insurance Portability and the Accountability Act (HIPAA).

You will be just a click away from getting in touch with your healthcare providers.



Want to feel special? Get some personalized attention, talk to your integrative physician in a relaxed environment with no time pressure. Please call us at (571)529-6699 and setup a consultation or visit our integrative wellness center and check it out.

We gladly serve Northern Virginia including Fairfax, Loudoun, Alexandria, and Prince William counties, Washington DC metro, Maryland and surrounding areas.