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Acupuncture Fairfax VA
Acupuncture for Stress Relief

Stress is the body’s natural response to internal and external stressors. There are two types of stress, unhealthy stress and healthy stress. The difference between these two types of stress Read More

mold pollution northern virginia
Mold Illness

Finding it difficult to get through a regular day at work? Unable to accomplish routine household chores? Feeling fatigued and overwhelmed all the time? It may be time you get Read More

Tick Disease Northern Virginia
Tick Borne Illnesses

Lyme disease is transmitted through a tick bite; unfortunately, less than half of the patients suffering with Lyme disease do not recall being bitten. Ticks do not cause the disease; Read More

Perimenopause Northern Virginia

Perimenopause refers to the biological, chemical and hormonal changes that take place in a woman’s body prior to menopause, and these changes often occur in the late 30s.

Mushrooms help boost immunity nutritionist virginia
Three Types of Mushrooms that Help to Boost Immunity

Mushrooms are fungi that boost immunity, improve health and increase longevity. Asian medicine has relied on mushrooms for centuries in holistic medicine. In recent years, researchers are discovering that the Read More

air pollution northern virginia
Environmental Toxicity

Our world is filled with toxins. Toxins are found in our air, soil, and water supply. In the United States, more than 77.000 chemicals are produced daily. Over 3,000 chemicals Read More