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Probiotics aids in digestion
Can Probiotics Help To Improve Digestive Health?

Almost everyone has heard how probiotics can aid in digestion. Probiotics occur naturally in certain fermented foods, such as yogurt, juices and soybean products. The natural bacterium that occurs during Read More

Ulcerative colitis in Northern Virginia
Ulcerative Colitis

Are you experiencing abdominal cramping and pain, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue, rectal bleeding, or weight loss.  These are some symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis which is a painful condition that affects the large Read More

Pain Management Northern Virginia
Sciatica Treatment with Acupuncture

Back pain and sciatic issues are one of the more common complaints I see in the clinic. In this article, we’ll learn a little anatomy and physiology so we can Read More

Leaky Gut Syndrome
Leaky Gut Syndrome Demystified

Leaky gut or intestinal hyper permeability occurs when the walls of your small intestine begins allowing undigested food particles and toxins to enter your bloodstream. When these items enter the Read More

Womens Health
Chinese Medicine on Spring

Spring is associated with new growth and expansion. As seeds begin to sprout and push toward the sun with force, we may feel inspired to move forward ourselves and grow Read More

Grow Your Health 2015
Snippets From Our Participation At Grow Your Health Festival 2015

I met Jack Moore, the director of Grow Your Health 2015 at the entrance the morning of  what was to be a spectacular, educational and well organized event for all Read More

Fibromyalgia Symptoms
Common Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a medical condition characterized by widespread, chronic musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, mood disorders, memory trouble and sleep issues. Oftentimes, symptoms start following a surgery, an infection, a physical trauma Read More

Hypothyroidism Sleepy Woman
Feeling tired? You May Be Suffering from Hypothyroidism

Are you suffering from Hypothyroidism? Inexplicable fatigue is one of the key symptoms associated with hypothyroidism or other thyroid disorders. Patients suffering with low thyroid levels often wake up tired Read More

Are You Suffering from Hashimoto’s Disease?

Hashimoto’s disease and hypothyroidism have many similarities. For this reason, patients can be misdiagnosed if the proper laboratory tests are not run. Learning about each type of thyroid problem can Read More