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Functional Medicine Northern Virginia

Functional Medicine

A patient-centered healing approach for optimal results. Functional medicine aims to treat the root cause of diseases, and not just the symptoms. Ideal for chronic conditions and preventive care.


Functional Chiropractic Treatment Northern Virginia

Functional Chiropractic Care

Suffering from Chronic or Acute Pain? Our chiropractor specializes in treating root cause of pain using gentle chiropractic, cold laser and soft tissue therapy for fast effective results


Holistic Nutritional Counseling Northern Virginia

Holistic Nutritional Counseling

Comprehensive lifestyle and nutrition counseling to help you lose weight, gain energy, boost immunity, deal with stress and chronic illnesses, and achieving your health and lifestyle goals.


Homeopathic Doctor Virginia


Looking for a safe, gentle, deep acting remedy for physical or psychological ailments such as anxiety, addictions, bipolar disorders, phobias, allergies, asthma, headaches, skin issues, ear infections, and more.


Integrative Medicine Center Northern VirginiaWelcome to Rose Wellness Center - A New Approach To Treatment

At Rose Wellness Center, we believe in restoring and maintaining good health by strengthening the body's own healing power to prevent disease and overcome chronic illnesses. We strive to identify root cases and treat you rather than just your symptoms. Our practitioners create personalized treatment plans based on your history as well as results from specialized diagnostic testing.

We practice integrative medicine by combining the best of conventional medicine, alternative therapies, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes. We offer various treatment modalities including functional medicine, chiropractic care, holistic nutrition and homeopathy in a warm, welcoming environment.

Are you ready to experience what thousands of  other patients have experienced at Rose Wellness Center - a doctor's office that understands how important your time is, how important your health is, and works hand in hand with you throughout your healing journey to optimum health and well-being.

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Center for Integrative & Functional Medicine

Upcoming Seminar - Wednesday, Sep 20th

Are you feeling sluggish, bloated and experiencing fatigue? Is it interfering with your quality of life?

Start healing with our Natural Approach To Dealing With Chronic Digestive Problems

6 pm – The 5 ‘R’ Gut Restoration Program by Dr. Sushma Hirani, Integrative Physiciandigestive disorders northern virginia

– Find out about our 5 ‘R’ program to Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair and Rebalance and get your life back.

6.30 pm – Functional Chiropractic Care For Digestive Issues by Vishal Verma, DC

– Do you suffer from chronic heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or other digestive problems? Find out how Functional Chiropractic care can help!


Rose Wellness Welcomes Dr. Alex Leon, Integrative Physician

Alex Leon Integrative Medicine Doctor in Northern VirginiaDr. Alex Leon is a board-certified family physician specializing in integrative functional medicine to help restore and maintain your well-being.  

He has a special interest in men’s health care, chronic pain syndromes including musculoskeletal problems, Fibromyalgia, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement for men and women, chronic conditions including Hypothyroidism, Gastrointestinal disorders, and allergic disorders.

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